Cost of Product Photography – pack shots | 360 spins | fashion

I may need to discuss in detail what your requirements are – to understand what you need and the time it will take to meet those needs.
However I will always agree a cost up-front and will not increase that cost.

Copyright: Unlike many photographers – all images include your full rights license for any and all uses.

Photography Price Guide

I offer professional but affordable services for SMEs and organisations

Pack Shots

These are normally images for the Web or for catalogues, often requested ‘on the white’ or a chroma-key background.

These prices are based on one studio set-up for the run, meaning that all the products will be of a similar size on the same background.

  • 1 – 20 items £7.50 per item (minimum £50.00)
  • 20 – 40 items £6.50 per item (minimum £150.00)
  • 40 + items £5.50 per item (minimum £250.00)

360 ‘spins’

  • Small items £15 – £25 per item
  • Medium items £20 – £30 per item
  • Larger items £25 – £35 per item
  • Minimum charge is £150.00

Clothing and Fashion Shoots

  • These are charged on a time basis and can be on a set
    (for example on-white shots), or at a location.
  • Day rate is £250.00
  • Any Model costs are met directly by the client
  • Some jobs may require an assistant
  • All costs agreed and fixed before the work is undertaken
  • Travel charged at 40ppm

Creative Work

£250.00 per day


Assistant costs if required

Specific studio / set / equipment or location costs